Bachelor Proposal | 2018

In the Research proposal I investigated textile patterns and their design process. I analysed how the pattern can represent its formation process in its final form and how processes can be visualized in general. The image that can be experienced in the later pattern is subjected to various transformations within the design process. From model to image. From the image to the screen. From the screen to the textile. From the textile surface to the body. From the body to the movement. From the three-dimensional model, the object is reduced to a two-dimensional drawing in order to finally find use again in three-dimensional space. Based on this transformation process, I investigated experimentally with which methods the pattern itself can be designed in three dimensions.
At the beginning of the work, I analysed how the pattern works as a medium, how it is structured, how and whether it can be differentiated from the ornament, and how the design process of the pattern proceeds. The technical foundation of the pattern was also a subject of investigation, whereby the focus was placed on the different printing processes.
Parallel to the explanations of the pattern, the design process and the perception of patterns, a separate design process was presented, which is considered as an example and serves as an additional basis for analysis of the transformation phenomenon. Through this process I worked out how the transformation from model to image is practically realized. The own design process becomes a supplementary object of investigation.

Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler