fence & gate

KISD Project | 2015

The aim of this one-week project was to design objects or pieces of jewellery that relate to the body and act as a type of fence, defining and outlining the wearer. The jewellery relates to the body while questioning notions such as construction, rhythm, texture, transparency, opaqueness, duration, material and non-material. Furthermore, literary and political aspects are confronted by the creations.
For this purpose, we read and analysed the following literature: Robert Frost »Mending Wall« and »Before the Law« by Franz Kafka. During the Friday presentation, the designed objects were accompanied by a text to show the relation between the language of words and the language of design.

Supervised by: Deganit Stern Schocken
Images: Melanie Müller
Models: Judith Duven, Franziska Severin


Shielding Necklace

The pieces out of which this object is made of are folded like the piece of paper in the game »Himmel & Hölle«, with which decisions are being made or answers to simple questions are given. Decisions are also made when it comes to fences and gates. Letting someone in or leaving someone out is a decision to be made. In or out. Yes or no. Come near or stay away.


Choker Necklace

This piece describes the tension between visible and non-visible fences and their variable strength. There are borders and fences that are extremely strong and unbreakable even though they are invisible. Others are massive and huge in appearance but are being pierced every day. The material mix deals with this idea of visibility and invisibility, abrasiveness and softness while using a hard, transparent material under a soft, partly transparent material that reacts to external influences such as airflow. The transparent synthetic material adapts to the form of the body parts and shields them from external influences – though it does not protect them from gazes.